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Ranger and Brush into Hopewell Township for Land Search

Early in the afternoon of Monday April 20th, Ranger 28 was requested into Hopewell Township, Mercer County, to assist with an ongoing land and water search for a missing person.  Brush/Ranger 28, Van 28 and Car 282 responded along with other Somerset County resources from Flagtown Fire (Station36) and Rocky Hill FAS (53 Rescue).  The Somerset County crews were placed in staging and formed a Task Force of off road rescue vehicles.  Crews stood by to provide RIC type resources for the crews working in the field.  All Somerset County resources were released by approximately 5:30pm and returned to service.  On a side note, the lost person was located by the Mercer County Officials later that evening.


Weekend Duty Crews do Fire Safety Education in Colonial Park

Over the weekend of April 17th – April 19th, the duty crews covering District 1 took advantage of the very nice weather getting out into Colonial Park to provide fire safety education and interact with the families enjoying the park.  Firefighters opened up Squad 28 for a tour and answered questions on the equipment and what firefighters do.  The crew also had some of the every popular fire hats on hand and also handed out fire safety literature.  Look for the squad and the firefighters in the future in the park for fire safety education.

IMG_6434 IMG_6747

Ranger 28 requested on Tow Path to Assist PD and EMS

On Monday April 13th, Franklin Police requested Ranger 28 onto the D&R Canal Tow Path to assist EMS with transporting a victim of a serious medical emergency.  Crews from Millstone Valley placed Ranger 28 into service south on the tow path from Amwell Road along with Brush 28 heading to the Blackwells Mills Road entrance for additional manpower.  Crews arrived and provided assistance to Franklin Police, BLS and ALS in treating the victim.  Our thoughts and sympathy to the family of the victim.

Additional information can be found in this link

Unique Request to Assist Franklin Police

On the evening of Sunday April 5th, Millstone Valley was dispatched at the request of Franklin PD ESU to the Colonial Park Leash Free Dog Park to assist with tools to remove a dog whose paw was confined to the seat track of a car.  Air 28 responded with a crew of four along with both Chiefs and found a dog with his paw had slid into the rear seat track of a SUV type vehicle.  The owners and ESU officer had tried several techniques to remove the paw, however, it was a bit wider than the opening of the track.  The crew utilizing the manual pump Holmatro tool was able to provide enough spread of the track to where the dog could remove his paw.  The crew then helped the owner check the dog for injuries which were minimal as the dog was interested in thanking those who helped him by going to each member and giving them “kisses”.  The dog owner and the large crowd who had gathered as the nice weather on that Sunday made the dog park a popular attraction thanked all who came to the rescue.

Ranger 28 provides EMS Assistance

At approximately 4pm on Sunday, September 28th, Ranger 28 was requested to locate and transport to a pediatric fall victim from a bicycle inside of the Six  Mile Run preserve.  Brush 28, Ranger 28 and Car 28 (Capt. Werensly) responded to the parking lot on Jacques Lane to enter the trails and locate the injured child and his father who were in contact with Franklin Police via cell phone.  Based off the description provided it was determined that the Red trail in the preserve would bring the crews closest to the point where they were.  FTPD ESU had entered the trail prior to Ranger 28 and was able to locate the injured child and provide a clear way point as to their location approximately 150 yards off the trail.  Ranger 28 EMTs along with East Millstone FAS EMT onboard stabilized patient for transport and Ranger 28 transported to child to the awaiting BLS ambulance.

With the increase in the local interest in mountain biking and hiking in Six Mile Run; MVFD’s preparation and understanding of the trails and terrain is critical when emergencies occur.  The drilling that Millstone Valley does in the Six Mile Run Preserve pays off and is key to successful outcomes like today.


Fire Damages Detached Garage

On Wednesday, March 12th at 14:36 District 1 companies were alerted to Mercury Street for reported smoke coming from the rear of a house.  District 1 crews were clearing a commercial fire alarm call and responded immediately.  Upon arrival Car 26 established command and upgraded the assignment to a structure fire in a detached garage on the property.  Deputy 28 (McDonnell) took operations and with the FM8 members forced entry into the garage.  Engine 261 crew contained the fire that was consuming the contents of the garage. Squad 28 arrived and supplied Engine 261 due to the lack of hydrants in the area.  Squad 28 crew along with crews from Ladder 26, Engine 561 and Tender 44 completed overhaul.  Scene was turned over to the fire marshals office (FM8) for investigation.  Air 28 was on scene to provide air bottle filling and rehab of the members operating.

UNITS ON SCENE:  Car 26, Engine 261, Ladder 26, Van 26, Car 282, Squad 28, Air 28, Car 44, Tender 44, Fire Police 44, Car 562, Engine 561, Air 27 (RIC), Engine 551, FM8C/D/F/G/H, RWJUH BLS, FTPD.



Photo Courtesy of MAC Mangino





Photo credit to Station 26



Mutual Aid RIC Assignment into Hillsborough

At approximately 03:15am on October 28th, Station 28 was requested in to Hillsborough Township as a RIC team for a working dwelling fire.  A crew of 6 members responded on Air28 along with Deputy28 in Car282.  Station 26 (Elizabeth Avenue VFC) was requested by Deputy 28 for additional RIC resources due to the structure involved being under renovation and a heavy fire load present.  Station 28 crews established a RIC on the A side of the structure while Station 26 crews established a RIC on the C side and Deputy 28 managed the RIC operations.  Crews operated as a Rapid Intervention Crew for approximately 3 hours and with out activation or incident.

In addition to the RIC duties, Air 28 provided scene lighting, bottle filling and basic responder rehab services.

All Hillsborough Fire Companies operated at the scene along with mutual aid tenders from Middlebush, Somerset , Griggstown, Montgomery (Belle Mead), and Neshanic due to lack of hydrants in the area.

Courtesy of Assistant Chief 37
Photo Courtesy of Assistant Chief 37





A look at whats inside Air 28

Air 28 was placed in service in June 2013 as a Special Services unit to provide Air, Light, and Rehab services along with being Station 28’s primary RIC vehicle.  The photograph below shows the inventory stored in the HDR box area and roof top.  Additional items requiring a controlled climate or easy access to the crew cab area are stored inside of the cab and walk-in area of the box. The members of the truck committee spent many hours designing a truck that stores a vast inventory of equipment in an effective way that makes it easy for members to retrieve.  Photos of the compartments and inventory list will be posted shortly.


RIC Training

On Sunday September 8th, Millstone Valley continued with its commitment to maintain a skilled RIC team. An early departure traveling to the Morris County Fire Academy for a bit of a change in training venues. Members reviewed advanced search techniques and executed several exercises to locate and remove lost or trapped firefighters.
Crews completed Denver and Pittsburgh evolutions along with an advanced search using the mask confidence course on the training grounds. Thanks to the instructors at Morris for providing a challenging training regimen today.