Back to Back 2nd Alarm fires

On Saturday night 7/27, Station 28 was dispatched along with the other Fire District #1 companies for a fire alarm at the Crown Plaza at 110 Davidson Ave.  Shortly after dispatch, a call from the premise advised of a working fire in a room.  Car 28, Car 28B and Car 26B all arrived simultaneously with 28A establishing command, 26B assigned operations, and 28B assigned elevator control.  Engine 56-1 arrived first due and immediately deployed a high-rise pack for a fire on the second floor.  Upon entry to the fire room, it was found that towels placed over a lamp had caught fire and had since extinguished.  The balance of the assignment was cleared.

As Engine 28 was returning to quarters, Hillsborough Fire District was dispatched to 910 Renate Dr for a working apartment fire.  36C5 was first on scene confirming the fire and requested a 2nd alarm, for which Station 28 is the primary RIC for.  Air 28, Van 28 and Car 28 responded with a total manpower of 11 members.  Upon arrival on scene, RIC 28 was setup on the “A” side.  A quick knock down of the fire was made and all 28 units were able to clear the scene within 30 minutes.