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Ranger 28 provided EMS Assistance

At 18:03 on Saturday, Ranger 28 was special requested to assist Kendall Park EMS with removing a patient with a leg injury from the wooded area  between Canal Rd & Mosher Rd.  EMS accessed the patient on foot who was in a creek bed approximately 300 yards into the woods.  Due to the recent flooding carrying the patient out of the woods would be difficult.  Ranger 28 accessed the victim who was already packaged by Kendall Park EMS and safely transported the victim out of the woods to a waiting ambulance.   All units cleared at 18:34 hours.



Amwell Rd MV Fire

At approximately 8:30am on Saturday, May 3rd, Millstone Valley (Station 28) and Elizabeth Avenue (Station 26) were dispatched for reported vehicle fire at Mettlers Road and Amwell Road.  After C282 marked up responding, FTPD advised that the car was fully involved.  D/C McDonnell (Car 282) arrived and established Amwell command.  Squad 28 arrived and stretched the front bumper 1.75″ line and began extinguishment.  Engine 261 arrived and was assigned to assist Squad 28 crew with opening up the engine and passenger compartments.  Crews worked together to complete extinguishment and overhaul.  All units cleared by 9:05am and scene turned over to FTPD to await wrecker and direct the heavy traffic in area due to Amwell being the only crossing of the Millstone River open after recent flooding.imageimage


MV Fire


At 17:24 hours on Tuesday April 15th, District #1 responded to Madison Suites Hotel for a fully involved car fire. Car 442 arrives first establishing command. Engine 261 and Squad 28 arrived simultaneously, and deployed a front bumper foam line from Engine 261. No damage to any other vehicles or the building occurred, all units cleared in approximately 25 minutes.



Easter Flower Sale & Egg Hunt

Easter FlowersStop in on April 18th from 8am until 6pm or April 19th from 9am until 2pm for our Annual East Flower Sale.  We will have an assortment of flowers ranging in price from $5 to $30.

Then join us for an Easter Egg Hunt on April 19th at Noon.  There will be separate groups based on age, so don’t hesitate to bring both the little and big kids.

James Fair Memorial Information

Update: We are making our final preparations for April 5th and we still need your help. Please respond if you will be attending, and if you have any media that you would like to share please contact us so we can incorporate them. We really look forward to spending a day of celebration with everyone that James has touched.

We will celebrating James’ life on April 5th.  The services will start at 2pm at the United Methodist Church on Elm St in East Millstone.  Immediately following the services, we will reconvene at Millstone Valley Fire Department for Food, Drinks, and Memories.  All are welcome, but in an attempt to prepare for the day, we ask that you RSVP through this page to better provide us a head count.  Please pass this information along to whoever may enjoy this day of celebration and remembrance.

Memorial Page

20th Annual Trick Tray

Tricky Tray Flier 2014

Please help us make our 20th Annual Tricky Tray a success by joining us on April 6th.  The doors open at 1:30 pm with an admission fee of only $4.  We will provide free coffee and desserts, and there will be plenty of other raffles and door prizes throughout the day.  For more information please contact 908-229-9437.

Amwell Rd MV Fire

On Tuesday March 18th at 16:00, District #1 was alerted to a motor vehicle fire at 1815 Amwell Rd.  Car 28 (Chief Stashek) arrived first to find a car in the driveway well involved, some small brush fires spreading, and a boat extremely close to the fire.  Car 56 (Chief Panchery) arrived and was given command while Chief Stashek took operations.

wpid-20140318_160142.jpgUpon Engine 44-2’s arrival, the members of FM8 (Fire Prevention) pulled an 1 3/4″ bumper line and immediately stopped the fire from involving the boat.  With the assistance of Engine 26-1’s crew, the remaining fire in the car and the small brush fires were extinguished.

Westbound traffic on Amwell Rd was diverted for approximately 30 minutes by Fire Police 44 while the crews operated.

UNITS ON SCENE: Engine 26-1, Car 28, Car 44, Engine 44-2, Fire Police 44, Car 56, FM8 C/D/F/G, FTPD

Fire Damages Detached Garage

On Wednesday, March 12th at 14:36 District 1 companies were alerted to Mercury Street for reported smoke coming from the rear of a house.  District 1 crews were clearing a commercial fire alarm call and responded immediately.  Upon arrival Car 26 established command and upgraded the assignment to a structure fire in a detached garage on the property.  Deputy 28 (McDonnell) took operations and with the FM8 members forced entry into the garage.  Engine 261 crew contained the fire that was consuming the contents of the garage. Squad 28 arrived and supplied Engine 261 due to the lack of hydrants in the area.  Squad 28 crew along with crews from Ladder 26, Engine 561 and Tender 44 completed overhaul.  Scene was turned over to the fire marshals office (FM8) for investigation.  Air 28 was on scene to provide air bottle filling and rehab of the members operating.

UNITS ON SCENE:  Car 26, Engine 261, Ladder 26, Van 26, Car 282, Squad 28, Air 28, Car 44, Tender 44, Fire Police 44, Car 562, Engine 561, Air 27 (RIC), Engine 551, FM8C/D/F/G/H, RWJUH BLS, FTPD.



Photo Courtesy of MAC Mangino





Photo credit to Station 26



Fish Fry

Fish Fry Flier 2014Join us on Friday March 21st for a Fish Fry Buffet.  We will have several types of fish, soup, baked Mac & Cheese, vegetables, and chicken nuggets for the kids.  We will also have a few specialty items, but they may go fast, so get here early.

Prices are; $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors,  $6 for kids, Under 5 are Free

Change your clock, Change your batteries

It’s that time of year again. Now that many of us have clocks that automatically change with Daylight Savings Time it is extremely important to not forget about changing your detector batteries. Even if your detectors are hard wired, there is still a battery inside as a backup just in case we lose power, like during Sandy. You must change your batteries at least annually, and if your detectors are not hard wired, at least semi-annually. Please don’t wait until the detector starts to beep at 3am, change the batteries now.

Also don’t forget to check your dates, smoke detectors are good for 10 years and Carbon Monoxide detectors are good for 5 years. There should be a date sticker on the back, don’t go by when you purchased it or bought your home. If you need assistance in changing your batteries please call the firehouse, NOT 911. We will be happy to assist you in checking your alarms, replacing your batteries, or answering any questions you may have.

Note: We are 100% volunteer so please leave a message and someone will get back you. If you have an emergency call 911.

Firehouse Phone # 732-873-3800