Fire Damages Detached Garage

On Wednesday, March 12th at 14:36 District 1 companies were alerted to Mercury Street for reported smoke coming from the rear of a house.  District 1 crews were clearing a commercial fire alarm call and responded immediately.  Upon arrival Car 26 established command and upgraded the assignment to a structure fire in a detached garage on the property.  Deputy 28 (McDonnell) took operations and with the FM8 members forced entry into the garage.  Engine 261 crew contained the fire that was consuming the contents of the garage. Squad 28 arrived and supplied Engine 261 due to the lack of hydrants in the area.  Squad 28 crew along with crews from Ladder 26, Engine 561 and Tender 44 completed overhaul.  Scene was turned over to the fire marshals office (FM8) for investigation.  Air 28 was on scene to provide air bottle filling and rehab of the members operating.

UNITS ON SCENE:  Car 26, Engine 261, Ladder 26, Van 26, Car 282, Squad 28, Air 28, Car 44, Tender 44, Fire Police 44, Car 562, Engine 561, Air 27 (RIC), Engine 551, FM8C/D/F/G/H, RWJUH BLS, FTPD.



Photo Courtesy of MAC Mangino





Photo credit to Station 26