Ranger 28 provides EMS Assistance

At approximately 4pm on Sunday, September 28th, Ranger 28 was requested to locate and transport to a pediatric fall victim from a bicycle inside of the Six  Mile Run preserve.  Brush 28, Ranger 28 and Car 28 (Capt. Werensly) responded to the parking lot on Jacques Lane to enter the trails and locate the injured child and his father who were in contact with Franklin Police via cell phone.  Based off the description provided it was determined that the Red trail in the preserve would bring the crews closest to the point where they were.  FTPD ESU had entered the trail prior to Ranger 28 and was able to locate the injured child and provide a clear way point as to their location approximately 150 yards off the trail.  Ranger 28 EMTs along with East Millstone FAS EMT onboard stabilized patient for transport and Ranger 28 transported to child to the awaiting BLS ambulance.

With the increase in the local interest in mountain biking and hiking in Six Mile Run; MVFD’s preparation and understanding of the trails and terrain is critical when emergencies occur.  The drilling that Millstone Valley does in the Six Mile Run Preserve pays off and is key to successful outcomes like today.